What’s your GOLD?

A goal is but a dream without a plan to achieve it.

What’s your goal and do you have an action plan to work towards it and achieve?

I’ve just finished typing chapter twelve and I feel ecstatic. I’m punching the air because it was a long chapter. As my memory went back and recalled the stories from 2010 more and more situations came into my mind. Some of them were not necessary for the reader but a lot were.

I’m Angry

The title will be called something like ‘My Angry Year’. I was using the anger that I had built up over the last eight years to fuel my passion to achieve. I also believed in myself when others didn’t. I’ve enjoyed reading back on it and it’s inspired me. I just hope it does the same for the reader.


Light, Camera, Take Action

I’ve expanded on all of the training that I did as an athlete which I feel is important. How do you achieve your goal? By taking action. I want to emphasise to the reader how much time and dedication goes into achieving your goal.


I see the light

With only three more chapters left to write and an epilogue at the end I can really see the end in sight. On my coaching call with Karen with discussed the next couple of dates that I would submit my chapters. For the first time we could place a realistic date for each and every submission taking us all the way to the completion of typing them all.



I have a GOAL! Now that I have a fixed date I really have something to work towards. It’s exactly what I’ve been typing about in my chapters. Once you have a goal then you can work towards it.

So I’m wondering, are you willing to share what your goal is and are you willing to share when you will achieve it by? 

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