What’s in a name?

For those that know my story do you have any ideas for my title of my autobiography?


Happy memories

Writing this chapter has been very much about my races and it’s been lovely taking myself back to this period. The nerves and apprehension mixed with the excitement and the passion.  Taking myself into the race itself as I push myself hard and keeping focus on what’s ahead.


Chin Up, look to the future

In running it’s very much about keeping your posture and keeping your chin up. The more I’ve typed about this the more I thought that this would be a good title of the book. Chin Up, look to the future. It’s just an idea but it could work. Chin ups is what I did in the hospital bed. I did chin ups while in my wheelchair. I then had to keep my chin up for posture when I was learning to stand again. Throughout the book there has been a reference to ‘chin up’. ..Just a thought.


I’ve felt that I’ve done really well with not going on and on about the races in too much detail. I’ve been thinking about the reader and that one race may seem very similar to another. I have mentioned specific details but otherwise they have been kept rather short. Over the next couple of chapters there will be another sixteen races that get mentioned. All important to me but I have to think about the reader.


Nearly there

With the submission of chapter eleven it now takes me up to the year 2010. Wow, only four more years, four more chapters and this could be done. It’s so exciting to think that I’m nearly there.


I’m actually looking forward to reading it myself. Writing a chapter can be over two weeks and so to look on it with fresh eyes and read it in sequence will be enlightening. I understand the editing will take a long time but it will bring me closer towards my goal.

My Life

Reading about my life is very exciting but giving my whole life a title seems difficult if not impossible. What would you call your life in one title?

If you want to suggest any book titles then I shall make a note and put your name next to it. (There will of course be a special ‘thank you’ gift if your title is chosen). Any ideas send them to me through social media or if you want you can email me: i.nspire@live.co.uk

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