Steve's autobiography

After reading this book you’ll have squared up to any fears and self- doubts.

The tools that are shared are easily transferable in all of our lives.

The chapters combine fun, laughter and joy with the intense and serious undertones.

Don't Lean on Your Excuses

Don't Lean on Your Excuses

A personal message from Steve Judge...

My autobiography is my latest goal that I have achieved. It tells the story of how I have always set goals and worked towards them. From the early days of badges in scouting and then having the goal of recovering from a near fatal car accident. Setting goals eventually took me to become a World Champion in the sport of paratriathlon but with all stories there is always back story.

Speaking on the stage I very rarely get into the harsh detail of the full story where as in my book I have opened up. The chapters combine fun, laughter and joy with the intense and serious undertones of what it took me to achieve.

I know that you’ll love reading my autobiography but be warned, it’s a bit of a page turner. It will support you to believe in yourself, take action and not lean on any excuses.

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Alex Peace-Gadsby OBE

Chief Commissioner of Scouts for England and entrepreneur

“Steve Judge exudes such positivity, determination and inspiration, just reading his book makes you want to run up a mountain! If you are looking for a book that will heal, stretch, inspire, and challenge you to persevere and overcome, this is your book.”

Brad Sugars

Global entrepreneur, international business speaker and author

“Poignant, persuasive and powerful. This book gives an open and real account of what can be achieved when you set the right goal, both personal and in business.”

Martin Johnson

Author of I Am Human: 30 Mistakes To Success

“The book mirrors how Steve performs on the stage. The chapters are broken up into easily digestible chunks by using diary entries, notes, thoughts and feelings from when he was there in the moment. His story is inspirational.”

Penny Haslam

Award-winning speaker and former BBC Business presenter

“This story serves as a masterclass in finding resilience and raw ambition to overcome whatever life throws at you. His physical recovery is utterly fascinating – and his dry humour helps to mop up the emotion of it all.” 

Brad Burton

Founder of 4Networking, business author and motivational speaker

“Only looking back to learn, only looking forward to dream, this book inspires, entertains and educates all in equal measure. Steve shares with the reader why pressing play on today is so very important.”

Claire Young

Apprentice finalist 2008, entrepreneur and business owner of School Speakers

“Captivating, motivating and emotional! Easy take-away which will help anyone focus on their business goals. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a vision for what they want to succeed in.”