The truth is NOT out there.

Are you guilty of hiding the truth from the world? Does your social media feed, your photo album or even your conversations reflect on the positive aspects of your life rather than the true conditions of your life?


So after some research time I managed to get back on to the writing journey after a little break from the book. My research involves me looking at my photo album and reading through my diary. What I found interesting about my research is the difference that there is. My photo album is full of happy fun photos where in comparison my diary talks of pain, discomfort and frustration. I guess this is true for most of us with life and social media and general conversation. Taking myself back to this period of chapter 7 I realised how tough it was. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. My aspirations of progression forward physically were a lot harder than I initially remembered.


Keep the Flow

What I struggle with is keeping the flow of writing as I have to keep taking myself back to those times and remembering how I felt. I then have to write down how I felt and then I have to edit what I have written so it reads ok. The process is very long and tedious but the results are good.


I know that I’m going to struggle getting some proper writing time over the next week due to commitments with my kids. The routine will go and it will be very hard to get into the zone.

Always moving forward

I will concentrate more on other aspects of the book like the music I used in my journey. My top five things I’m putting in for each chapter and even the title. These are aspects that don’t need full concentration but still help me to move forward with my book. These are aspects that portray me for who I am and bring in the authenticity which brings me back to my original question. Are you guilty of hiding the truth from the world?



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