Hold your breath as you dive deep into the past…

I wonder if book writing is as emotional and draining for others as it is for me?


 After the completion of chapter six I gave myself a bit of a break from the book and so instead used my ‘new skill’ of writing to type up some parts for my ebook. The ebook will be a free download to help people to smash their goals and achieve their gold.

Some of the sections of the ebook are excerpts from my autobiography.

I love this as it means my book is already helping my efficiency and helping others to achieve their true life goals.

One part of the ebook is not in my autobiography as it is set in the present but who knows, maybe this will be in my future book.

 The Zone

Now that I know how to get into ‘the zone’ when writing I can use this technique if I have an article to write or blog or even an important email. Getting into the focused state helps me to express my true feelings and emotions and present myself in the best way.



As I’m typing this I now know that I am ready to get back onto the book as I want to see what happens next. This may sound strange as it’s my life but every time I take myself into the past I remember more and feel more.


I know that in chapter seven there are some good times ahead and I will do a preliminary research using my photo album and diary although I know that my diary will run out soon. This technique helps absorb myself into the past and open doors of memories and emotions. Some of these doors have been closed for many years and opening them can be quite daunting. Your brain can hide away bad memories for your own safety and protection. (There is a reason why they are locked away).

Locked Doors

 Going in and releasing them can be an emotional roller coaster. One of my book coaches Sheryl Anne Andrews is very clear that after an emotional time of typing whether that is fiction or nonfiction you should always bring yourself back into the present. Remind yourself of the positive aspects of your life and the fullness of your wellbeing.

Hold your breath

It does mean that sometimes going into these emotional corridors can be like taking a deep dive under water to discover treasures. Swimming around and discovering hidden gems whilst all the time holding your breath. Eventually it becomes critical to come up for air and back to reality. Breath…breath…ready for another dive another day.

Those thoughts released, those memories that you have rediscovered are now with you. I have brought back situations that by sharing will help others and I have brought back feelings of how much I miss my dad. It’s emotional and it can be draining but it’s part of the process and it’s what is necessary for the authenticity of the book to ring true.

I wonder if book writing is as emotional and draining for others as it is for me?

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