My First Book… how it began

A Sprited Scribers Quest

Writing my first book, my autobiography.  Understanding how and why but also the joy of learning a new skill to creatively express myself.

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A Sprited Scribers Quest

Is this the real life? Is this just procrastination?

Following my amazing VIP day with my book coaches Karen Williams and Sheryl Ann Andrews I now have a lot of confidence, direction and structure for writing my book. It’s always very important to get rid of any excuses before starting a task and in this case it means preparing. Getting my notes together, past photo albums, diaries and most importantly is the working area. I work from a MAC but after discussion it’s going to be easier for editing purposes for me to type up on a PC using ‘word’. Blowing the dust off my old computer and preparing a new desk took a lot of time. When I finally sat down at the keyboard my task was just to prepare. Set up folders, transfer transcripts and poems and start creating the structure of the chapters. After all of this not a single line has been typed but it’s fine. I’ve felt like I’ve been avoiding the inevitable but equally…I’m set, poised and ready. What is everybody else’s writing area like…are you willing to share?

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