Four eyes are better than two!

Especially when looking at the feedback…What do YOU want as a reader?
Great to receive my first bit of verbal feedback from Karen Williams and Sheryl Ann Andrews from Librotas – Book Mentoring and Publishing last week which has encouraged me that I’m doing things right but also that I need to alter a few of my bits of text.I need to consider the reader moreI need to keep the flow of the storyI need to keep the flow of highs and lows.I’m reading Chris Evans’s first autobiography at the moment which is making me aware of what people want. They like drama, they don’t like people being flash and showing off. They like recovery from adversity. They are intrigued with the unknown…these are my thoughts but I think they are true for most people. What do you think?

So pleased that I have completed the prologue and chapter 1 for submission and then cracking on with chapter 2 which isn’t far off completion. Taking on the verbal feedback and feeling I’m getting somewhere.
I think my greatest challenge in the last week is working out the structure still as there is a lot of information however this has got better. Time will always be an issue but I have done well.

I will commit to getting the chapter finished and submitted and work on chapter 3. I will have some editing to do from chapter 1 and I’m not sure how that will go. It will be an experience!
Don’t forget to say in the comments below what you as a reader want. This is your chance…I’m all ears.

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