Do you get what you give, in business and in life?

In a broad sense, yes; in business, you can get what you give. Treating others with respect, honesty, and fairness can help build strong relationships, create trust, and lead to more positive outcomes in the long run.

For me there is a cross over between work and my hobby as a Scouts volunteer. I often speak at Scouting events for free and give my time, but I get joy in seeing the younger generation achieving.  

In business I speak on various podcasts and help individuals through exploration chats to improve their speaking skills and awareness in the industry.

Generally, by giving your best effort, providing value, and being ethical in your business dealings, you are more likely to attract loyal customers, reliable partners, and dedicated employees. Additionally, creating a positive culture within your organisation can help increase employee satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

While giving your best in business can certainly help increase the chances of success, it is important to be prepared for unexpected challenges and to adapt accordingly.

To quote Zig Ziglar “You will get all you want in life if you help other people get what they want”.  In your life do you feel that you are giving a lot or getting a lot, or is there some crossover between what you do in your work and your personal life? 

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