Developing my vocabulary but still hating scrabble.

What’s your favourite word and why?

 On my book within chapter six I am finally starting to come out of the darkness as the rehabilitation is having positive results. This means that there is achievement and positivity to write about which is nice. I have started adding in some suitable flashbacks to stories that relate to my dad and also some music that is important to the journey. I’ve also entered a phase where there are more poems that I wrote in 2003 and diary entries which brings a lot of remembrance. (Maybe too many poems!)

 I wrote a section where going back to the moment brought me to tears. The pain and effort that was put in 15 years ago. As I typed I saw the great message it had and it even had a rollback humorous bit. I read it back, leaned back on my chair and was impressed with my work.

A massive success for me was realisation of how I achieve my goals. From writing my book I have found the ‘golden formula’. From this it has encouraged me to write future sections in other chapters and push more for my downloadable Ebook…coming soon.

My challenges are that I still feel despondent on the lack of variety of words that I use. When I look on thesaurus I see a plethora of words that I hadn’t even thought of and some that I never knew existed. I can’t be checking it out all the time as it ruins the flow of my writing.

I heard that the rapper ‘M and M’ use to read a dictionary every day to enhance his vocabulary for ‘rap battles’. I’m not sure I’m willing to dedicate my time to that but would be open for any suggestions. I read a little bit everyday…but I still hate scrabble.

I’m going to finish chapter 6 imminently and then look at typing more for my Ebook which will actually help me on future chapters of my autobiography.

There are lots of poems coming up. They are all very personal for me and I’m sure I can put them at the back of the book or even have them on a website.

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