Typing naturally, authentically, leaving yourself bare.

Have you laid yourself open and been completely honest when speaking or writing?

As I’m writing my book and going through my journey more and more messages are naturally coming out. I always wanted to include messages as I want the book to help people, inspire others and motivate many. My initial though was that I would almost structure the book round the messages but in fact it’s progressing to be the other way round.
I’m currently reading the book by Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet Beveridge called ‘Will it make the boat go faster?’
The book was recommended to me by many people and every time I read it I think “This is MY book”. Haha. The story, the style and the messages. I get excited about writing a business help book or self development book…but first, I must finish my autobiography. Ben’s book is great because it has his version of events and then the ‘why’ from the physiologist Harriet. The progression of the book compliments the advice and messages that are given out on how to achieve your goal.

With regards my book I have found that some parts of my story are in a different order to what I first thought. I’ve learnt not to fight it but to accommodate the timeline because that is clearly the right way of how to achieve your goal. I know this because I did it. (You can’t argue with that!)
My journey is amazing and the book will be too as long as I write it honestly and naturally. The messages, the flow and the story will progress so that the reader fully appreciates how and why I set my goals and worked towards them. Just like being a speaker on the stage, I need to be authentic, speak from the heart because that’s when people really listen. When typing I again need to be open, my heart on my sleeve, the naked truth.

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