Your vision, your goal…your Gold!

What is that big thing, the vision in your life that you want? What is that thing that when you think about it your heart beats faster?

When you imagine achieving it you get excited, maybe even nervous. When you visualise the accomplishment of this big thing you may even find yourself smiling, and why not?

At the end of the day isn’t that what life is about…being happy?

So what makes you happy and is there something that you can do to enhance it or fulfil that happiness? All of these questions should unleash what your true life goal is or as I would call it ‘Your Gold’.

Sometimes our goal can be something that we normally take for granted. For me it was my health. After my near fatal car accident I was told that I may never walk again. As you may imagine my goal was to prove them wrong. My goal was to grow my leg back, stand again and walk again but it was going to be a long journey.

There were many aspects that helped me on my journey both physical and mental. The operations, the extensive Physio and rehabilitation and then my positive mindset mixed with a little bit of ignorance.

It was the second week in hospital and I just about had enough energy to pick up a pad and pencil. I’d spent a lot of my time staring at the ceiling in agony and I wanted something positive and ‘up lifting’. I started sketching. I was sketching a picture of me but not in the state that I was in but rather a future state. I was standing, both of my legs were fixed. At the side of me were my discarded crutches. I was stood there on top of a small mountain looking forward towards the future.

As I stared at the drawing my eyes started to well up and my mouth began to quiver. I wanted it…I wanted it now. I had an urge to throw off the bed covers and drag myself out of the hospital. Seeing the thing that I really wanted sparked a flame inside me for me to conceive the idea. Staring at the image I believed that I could do it and inside I knew that I was going to achieve it. For those of you that know my story you will appreciate that over the next two years I climbed my metaphoric mountain and was eventually able to stand and walk again. I never forgot how drawing this picture had inspired me to work towards my goal.

Fast forward nine years from my accident and as an Elite para-triathlete my goal was to become World Champion. I took pen to paper once more and sketched myself crossing the finish line to achieve my goal. Over the next nine months I conceived the idea, believed in myself and in October I achieved the accolade of World Champion out in Beijing.

Obviously in both situations there was a lot of hard work that went into achieving such massive goals. The important thing is that you keep going and by setting your sights on your target you can then work towards it.

Your eyes see everything in 2D and it’s your brain that turns it into 3D. This is the same with seeing your vision. Once your subconscious sees your goal then your brain will start mapping out a route to achieve it.


Your brain will state:

“I need to research this”

“I need to do that”

“I need to ask this person”

“I need to find that”.

Seeing the vision everyday will enable you to retain that drive, determination and ‘will to succeed’.

My visualisations increased and they became more clarified with the goals that I endeavoured to achieve. Now as part of my morning routine I close my eyes and visualise my current goal. I put as much detail into it as I can so that my brain truly believes that it exists. When I open my eyes I’m smiling and I want it. I’m hungry for it and start my day energised to work towards it.

So I urge you…to pick up a pen and paper and draw something. Draw a picture of you in the future. Draw a picture of your vision.

Your Goal


It’s just a picture…but it can bring you so much more.

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