Meetings and more meetings – 23rd October 2011

This week I met up with my Swim coach where we talked about plans for my technique performance and action plan for goals. We watched various videos of professional swimmers compared with my…unprofessional swimming technique which gave me vision!
I had a physio session where progress on my shoulder injury still hasn’t fulfilled and is draining my patience. The advice given is to relax on my exercises a bit keep on with the Ibuprofen and the hot and cold treatment. Enforcement came in the way of my physio stating the same as my swim coach…got to work on my small muscles and keep flexible.
I went for a WATT bike session at Holywell Health on Wednesday which also included an ‘F scan’ on my feet (The pressure and force location going through my sole). The F scan showed that maybe an insert in my right foot would even up the pressure. The WATT bike showed and proved that even with my disability with both legs, I could concentrate on using different muscles and consequently improve the efficiency of my cycling. The importance for me is that I could see this improvement on a graph and therefore convincement me to pursue excellence in this technique.

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