Is it just me that’s driven…or are you?

Interesting Question!

The teacher had stated that I was clearly very driven and what advice could I give to people who were less driven. Being driven is not something that only some people have, it’s within all of us. It’s all about finding the right thing that drives you. Everybody’s different and so different things drive different people. It may be money, health or love. It may be your hobby or your work. It may be self development or helping others.

Instead of looking to find motivation or time or energy you should instead find the thing that will compel you to take action. Find that ‘thing’ that you really want, that gets your heart rate up, that gets you excited or that makes you smile. Once you find that thing, that dream or that vision then that is your goal or as I would call it your Gold.


Give me a Reason

The main drive for people losing weight is Health.

Fifty percent of participants in a study of overweight and obese people cited health improvement as the No. 1 reason for wanting to lose weight. Being overweight is associated with heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. The World Health Organisation notes that being overweight is the fifth leading cause of global death. Losing weight decreases the risk of many of these health consequences and can actually reverse some conditions, including type 2 diabetes.

Most smokers that try to give up the habit only succeed after they’ve had a heart attack.

Now you have ‘it’…your Gold, then you can start taking action towards it.

  • If you want ‘it’ bad enough you’ll find time.
  • If you’re passionate about ‘it’ you’ll make commitments
  • If you actually NEED ‘it’ then you’ll be driven.


What’s Your Gold?

This is what we do on my workshops. We find your true life goal and following on from that I will give you the tools to achieve it. If this interests you then feel free to get in contact to find out when the next workshop is:

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