Find your Golden Soul

Why do you do what you do? What’s your “why”?  Why are you working towards your GOLD ?(Goal, Opportunity, Love, Dream).

Knowing the emotion behind your GOLD is strongly connected to knowing your purpose or your why.  If you put emotion behind your goal, then this will create energy and motion; if you know deep down why you are working towards your GOLD to an emotional level then this itself will energise your soul, your Golden Soul as I call it and move you towards taking action. 

The top tips below will help you to keep moving towards your “why”.  

  1. Knowing that your golden soul is aligned with your values
  2. Knowing what it will look and feel like when you get there
  3. Knowing what you will gain when you achieve
  4. Knowing what you will loose when you achieve
  5. Knowing what the outcome will allow you to do 
  6. Focusing on the importance of what you are doing
  7. Having faith 
  8. Believing in yourself
  9. Knowing that achievement will bring you happiness and contentment
  10. Knowing that achievement will bring positivity

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