Do you use a fork AND a knife when writing a book?

Steve Judge sitting down to eat a book

“I don’t need to use my knife Dad…I can just eat my food using my fork” my kids say. “But you need to use your knife as well.”I say to them. They look at me and ask “Why?”

The answer…because that’s what you do, that’s what is ‘accepted’. Writing a book and the way you do it also has rules or ways that are more ‘acceptable’…read on.

Is this the final countdown?

Book written – DONE

Book edited (many times) – DONE

Title of book confirmed – DONE

Selection of photos chosen – DONE


So I imagined that my book is very nearly complete and ready to be published with a few minor details to sort out…how wrong was I!

I have just started the publishing stage and this is massive in the whole process of the book in relation to how critical it is to get it right.

Team Work

Working with Karen and Sheryl from Librotas through the writing stage gave me great confidence to sign up with them and their team for the publishing stage.






Which way round?

\My full and completely edited book has now gone off to the professional editor and I’ve already had some feedback. What amazes me is the level of detail that’s included for example; which order to put descriptive words in a sentence because it reads better and is more accepted. What way do you write the date? Day or month first? (Wow!) It reminds me of my stylist who informed me to unbutton my bottom button of my suit jacket because “that’s what you do” and it is more accepted.

Whatever you say!

I of course bow down to their knowledge and expertise and accept the feedback but it also clarifies to me in relation to my book that it is already being taken ‘up a level’ but won’t loose any character and style.


Good Morning

This does mean that I’m back in the ‘editing game’ as I have to read, approve or reject and then authorise any changes that are suggested. My 4am early mornings have come back in to effect so I can dedicate to the completion of this task and not hold up the process.


The design process is very exciting as I’m very much a visual person and to discuss how my book is going to look and feel really brings it to life. With the title of the book sorted (Don’t Lean On Your Excuses) I just need to clarify which photos to use. This is a nightmare for me because I have so many that I want to use both on the cover and within the book.


Photo Book?

I keep telling myself “this is not a photo album, this is a book!” But I’m also aware that a picture paints a thousand words. I have some lovely professional photos but I’m also aware that it’s the classic, unique ‘behind the scenes’ photos that really add to the true story. And this again is what this book is all about; The Truth.


The whole truth

As a professional speaker one of my main aspects is authenticity but in a 45 keynote is impossible to tell the full story. This book is to share the complete story in every detail, the high’s and the low’s. I want the reader to understand that you can achieve your true life goal but it’s hard work and there can be consequences.

Born on the 4th July

I’m excited to share my journey as I know that it will help, inspire  and motivate many people.

I will continue to work hard to hit the deadlines so that I achieve the potential release date. At present my book is planned to be ‘born’ on the 4th of July.

This journey continues…

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