Countdown Conundrum

If you had a pause button for the rest of the world…when would YOU press it?





Times up!

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of time? You’ve done really well to repel the procrastination and get rid of the excuses. You’ve managed to secure some time to do that thing that your really want to do and now you’re there…in the zone. Things are going well, very well in fact and you’re flying. That long awaited task is finally getting done and actually it wasn’t as bad as you first thought. And then…you look at the clock!!! No! It can’t be…The countdown clock is down to its final moments as it’s playing it’s tune and then…you’re out of time!


Let sleeping dogs lie

The other day I was up at five o’clock in the morning and I’d had a really good typing session and I’d just got to a part when my emotional feelings were open. I had recalled them and reliving them and typing them up and then I looked at the clock and it was five past seven. Hmmm, the kids need getting up! I typed a little bit more…seven minutes past seven, the kids need getting up. I was gutted. I was in the flow and in ‘the zone’ and had to stop.


I’ll be Back!

I did stop and we all had breakfast together and the day started. I left my page open on the computer with a distant fantasy that I may get back into it but it wasn’t to be. By ten o’clock at night I admitted defeat and turned the computer off. “I’ll see you in the morning” I said, which I did.


Boring bed time

It reminded me as a kid or even when I play with the kids and you get the Lego out. You spread it all over the floor and even sort it into colours and wheels and the ‘angled’ bricks that you can use for the front of a racing car. It’s going well and you almost have a production line that even Henry Ford would be pleased with and then…it’s bed time. NOoooo!

“Can I leave it out?” I’d ask in desperation but the response was always negative.

Despondently I’d tidy up as I pack away my world and my ‘happy place’.


Is there a pause button?

Don’t you just hate it when time runs out? Don’t you wish that some things could just go on forever?

How about you? Are there some things where you wish you could just freeze time and stay in the moment. Whether that is work or family time or something else that you love. If you had a pause button for the rest of the world…when would YOU press it?

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