Are you crazy!!? You know this will all end in tears!

When was the last time you did something in defiance of others telling you not to?


Sweet Memories

So it is said that you only really remember two emotions, happiness and sadness. You can probably remember the last time that you broke down in tears or the last time you had a real belly laugh and couldn’t stop but you may not remember what you had for dinner last week on Tuesday.


A Tough Year?

When I approached my last chapter which included the year 2012 all  I was given from the photo album of memories was fun times. The chapter title was always going to be ‘A Tough Year’ but when it came down to it I couldn’t remember actual specific sad memories.


Full Flow

As time went on and I dug deep and allowed myself to pull out these sad memories then they started flowing. Like a trickle of water from a crack in a dam that slowly grew bigger. The details of the events came back with such clarity as I typed them all up, remembering the hurt and the pain from this difficult year.

So much so that the chapter kept growing, story by story, page by page to eventually become the biggest chapter that I have written so far.

Do What Needs To Be Done

Typing and editing it became frustrating with how much time it took but for many reasons it needed to be done. For me, the stories needed to be told and the emotions expressed. I understand that some of the content for the reader may have to be reduced but that will come at a later date. For me my initial task is done and it’s been a long time coming. I guess sometimes in life there are just some things that we need to do. Challenges that we need to do. Things that we need to say. Projects that we need to complete. Despite other people with their ‘all knowing’ wise words of guidance trying to explain to us that it unnecessary or inappropriate.

Journey of Discovery

Sometimes people don’t fully understand the necessity and the need. Sometimes you have to continue despite the consequences. And sometimes these voyages of discovery and adventure can take you to places that you never could have imagined. Sometimes you discover things about yourself that you had no idea existed.


Feeding the Need

This is feeding your passion, this is feeding your heart and this is feeding your need. Only you can do what you gotta do.

So what was the last thing that you did despite others shaking their head in disagreement? What was the last thing that you did in a ‘gung- ho’ way without concern of the consequences?

What was the last thing you did to feed your need despite the back lash that may have followed.

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