Bookshelf of Life

What is on your bookshelf that is preventing you from achieving your Gold?


Imagine that everything in your world has a book on the bookshelf of your life.  A book of family, a book of work, a book of friends, a book of exercise, a book of food… it goes on and on.  Do you feel that you are squeezing so many books onto your bookshelf that you are left feeling tired and demoralised because none of your books are getting the time and attention they need.  Imagine how you would feel if you were to give your top priority, your book of dreams, the time it deserves to give you satisfaction.

What is your main focus?  One book will always stand out greater than any other, this is the one that drives you, the one that will give you the biggest sense of achievement and delight.  This is the one that will make you smile when you think about it.  This is your main focus, your Gold.

Now you know your Gold, which is great.  But what about all of the other books that are still crying out for attention?

When I was learning to walk again, I only had one book.  One massive book… other books; like the book of social media, the book of going out with friends… all taken off to achieve my goal


Review your bookshelf

What are you willing to remove from your bookshelf to achieve your Gold?

Priorities and goals change and evolve as we go through the different chapters on the journey of our life.  But how often do you review all of the activities, responsibilities, tasks and actions to ensure that you are only doing those that provide you benefit.  Those that add value to your life.  Those that encourage, promote and move you towards your goal.

Reviewing the books on the bookshelf of life is key to ensuring focus is placed in the areas that matter to you most.  It doesn’t mean that certain books are permanently thrown away, unless you want them to be of course, they may just need to be ‘banked’ for a different time.

Imagine in your very busy schedules, that you have a water leak in your house.   Without very little thought, you clear your bookshelf.  You clear it of the work meetings you had that day and of the weekly catch up at the pub with your friends. You clear it of the gym session you wanted to go to.  The leak gets fixed.  You achieve your goal.

Don’t lean on your excuses

Imagine what you could achieve if you reviewed your bookshelf of life in a brutally honest fashion.  It is easy to fall back on the standard answer of “everything is important, I need to do it all”.  All of a sudden you are leaning on the excuse of multiple books as to why you can not achieve your vision.

Asking some simple questions about each book will help you to not lean on your excuses:

  1. What will it give you?
  2. What wont it give you?
  3. Does it contribute to the goal that is driving you?

Take the answers and only keep those books that are most positive towards you achieving your Gold.

Conceive. Believe. Achieve

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