What is your GOLD?

What is your dream… What is your vision… What is your goal… What is your GOLD?

What is it in your life that you really want?

What is the thing that will make you really happy when you’ve reached it?

What is that thing that will give you immense achievement?



Once you are aware of your goal, working towards it is a more instinctive and natural process than you may think. So let’s first be clear on what your goal is!   Once you have that vision you must get it out of your head so that you can see it. You can write it down or even draw a picture.

This is the process I use in my workshops ‘Reach Your GOLD’.  We draw where we are presently  in our lives but we also draw where we want to be in the future…this becomes our goal.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel that you can’t draw because it’s not about the quality of the picture it’s about seeing and visualising your dream.  Once you can see your vision then you will conceive it, you  will believe it and you will start working towards it.

Proceed as if limits to our ability do not exist


We then go further by putting more written detail onto your goal with dates and actions which will help you structure the development towards your achievement. Later on in the workshop I share the tools that will help you to achieve it.  My next ‘Reach Your GOLD’ workshop is on 15 July 2017.


What about me?


My current goal involves my business and my Blue Suit Gig (BSG).  Let me explain…

…It goes back to when I went for colour analysis (where a professional analyst works out what colours suit you the best for your profile image and appearance).  In brief the results showed that mine are white, black, dark red and navy blue.

It was one comment from the practitioner during the session that led me to my goal.  I, apparently, according to those that know, would look great in a navy blue suit with waistcoat and white shirt.   I visioned this in my mind I totally agreed with her analysis however all of my suits are black, I don’t own a navy blue suit.  The simple reply of “next time you buy a suit, make it a blue one” created a visualisation in my mind that would justify me buying a blue suit.  For me, my BHAG of speaking in front of a large audience is that visualisation.  My goal.  My GOLD.

At present I am mind mapping and completing actions that will specifically take me towards my BSG (however I am always open to help and opportunities from others to achieve my goal).

Remember, the first step is realising and finding your goal…then share your vision in a physical way.


So, what is your dream?… What is your vision?… What is your goal?… What is your GOLD?

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