What are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve your goal?

Setting priorities doesn’t always mean that you get the balance right and sometimes there are consequences.


Big Chunk

So, over the last week I really struggled to dedicate any time to my book apart from some ‘planning’ which I know is important but I like to see more substantial and measured progress. One day I was able to dedicate a big chunk of my day to the process and typed two thousand words which was awesome. The stories were flowing and there was a light humour in it as well as deep feeling.

This is really great but there is also a negative side.

It tells me that if dedicated more time to the book the first draft could be completed in a couple of weeks or a month.

 “How exciting is that!”

The practicalities of this are unrealistic but it does show that now I have things set up and that I’m competent at writing good quality text it really is about throwing time at it.


MY Time

On Saturday I woke up at 5am and was typing by 5:15am. Another great session which lasted three hours until I went to pick the kids up and did some voluntary work for the Scouts. It’s really about what am I prepared to sacrifice to get the book produced. Bit by bit I will experiment with what I can drop to prioritise my book and at the moment this includes my morning routine.

My morning routine is awesome and is ‘MY Time’ where I get to visualise my goals, carry out self development which includes some reading, give myself words of affirmation and plan the day ahead. My morning routine has helped me achieve so much in my business and in my life but now it has to go…just for a bit?

I know it is not forever which is good but it’s still very hard for me to make this sacrifice.


I’m passionate about getting this book finished. Only I can work out the prioritise.

What have you sacrificed to achieve your goals?

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