South Yorkshire Queen Scout Award

Guest Speaker : Presentation given to an audience of 150 distinguished guests.
Ages : Mixed 21 to 65
Talked aided with power point presentation of my journey.
Messages given out, Meet and greet afterwards

South Yorkshire Queen Scout Award

Many thanks to @SteveJudge for a great motivational speech. All feel truly inspired. #syscouts

Honored to meet @SteveJudge, amazing story, amazing person!

So inspired! Absolutely brill evening! @syscouts @scoutjudge @SteveJudge

Every boy aged 9 to 16 should listen to the story of @SteveJudge as would inspire more than Yaya’s birthday rant! #realhero #rolemodel

#Mission676 paratriathlete @SteveJudge “Don’t lean on your excuses, change them to a challenge” Truly inspirational

Absolute privilege to listen to & share a table with @SteveJudge tonight at the @Mission676 dinner! Inspirational man & a superb evening

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