Reach Your GOLD Time 2019

The first thing Mark asked me to do was to start logging the time that I spend on my business in half hour slots. I guess you could do this for time spent in your whole day if you wanted to. I split my time up into three sections:

  • Time in my business
  • Time on my business
  • Wellness

I then went further and split each of the three section down as much as I could into the different specific activities that I do. The more precise you can be the better.

After twelve weeks I reviewed the data and produced a graph which brought me great awareness as to where I was spending my time.

I then took some time out and thought about where, ideally I would want to be spending my time.

  • More self development
  • More wellness
  • More on my referral system.

Doing all of this work has brought me great insight but now the important thing is that I take action. Last year I spent a lot of time writing my book and because of this I had to drop various things. I have already started up again my morning routine which involves reading and visualisation and I’ve also been out on my bike to get some of that fresh air stuff!

As always, I feel it’s very important to start with the end in mind and I now know what I want to spend my time on and so I can start working towards it.

How about you?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know how you ‘want’ to spend your time?

Please drop me a line if you would like me to send you the time log spreadsheet.


This is what we do on my workshops. We find your true life goal and following on from that I will give you the tools to achieve it. If this interests you then feel free to get in contact to find out when the next workshop is:

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