Leave, Modify or Delete?

The editing process is going fairly well as I’m already up to chapter 10 after about three weeks of editing where it did take me about six months to initially type. I’m impatient which is why this is sometimes frustrating for me but at times I just need a break and let the book be absorbed.





Skip To The Good Bit

Most of the time the editing is just fine tuning or removing repetition but on other occasions I can remove a big chunk of text which for me is good. It’s good for the reader because I removing unnecessary reading material as it has no real purpose, message or need. This will make the book better for the reader as they will end up with all the good bits.

All Out In The Open

Another good thing about removing the text is that for me I’ve come to the decision that it doesn’t ‘need’ to be there anymore. Writing a book can be good therapy and you can mention things that you’ve been wanting to for ages. It can be a ‘release’. Writing it down can be a release and having someone else read it can also be a release and then sometimes after that…you’re done with it and can move on.

Off Load

Speaking to Sheryl Ann Andrews from Librotas Book Coaching this is all part of the healing process. It’s strange but it’s true, sometimes we need to just ‘off load’ and then move on. In the chapters up ahead there are some very personal things where I have done just that. I have written and ‘off loaded’ and now I need to work out if I leave it, modify it or delete it. It comes down to me. It’s my decision and so the question always come back to: “Why am I writing the book?”

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?

I’m writing the book to help people to be inspired and motivated to follow their dreams and grab those opportunities. For me writing this book gives me the opportunity to honestly explain that it’s not easy. I want people to know that it wasn’t easy for me but because I was so driven towards my goal I kept going and I achieved. I know that other people will struggle to achieve their goal but I want them to not give in. I want them to follow my journey so that they are motivated to not lean on their excuses and to feed their need to succeed.


Because of this reason there are some parts of the book that must be left in. Some stories, some quotes some text. I don’t want to delete them and so I need to modify them so that they don’t expose others or ‘name and shame’. After a long coaching session with Sheryl I realise that I also need to think about balance and seeing it from another point of view. To be honest, I struggle with this. Not because I’m selfish but maybe because I still feel angry and hurt about what happened. This  then comes back full circle to the ‘healing process’ and if I follow my philosophy of having ‘No Regrets’ then I will take steps to understand the situations from the point of view of others.

Different Point of View

I want this book to be brilliant and if that means that I have to look at text from another point of view then this is what I will do. Also anther ‘plus’ is that it will help me in the healing process which will help me to move on.


It makes me wonder how other people work through this and what advice they would give. If anybody can help me to see something from someone else point of view please let me know.

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