Charity Update – World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS)

World Health Innovation Summit

Leaving No One Behind



It was a real honour for me to be asked to be one of the guest speakers at the World Heath Innovation Summit (WHIS) last month  (

Who are WHIS?

The World Health Innovation Summit is an international platform set up to support local health services while creating community value.  It is a new innovative way of working together, providing a platform to openly share ideas and discover solutions together.  WHIS brings together patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses to exchange knowledge in order to inspire and innovate improvements to our health service.

What Was My Involvement

For 20 minutes I shared an abbreviated version of my inspirational journey.   I talked about my own mental health situation that I went through and about my hardest times.   A year after the accident when I still didn’t have my independence and feeling that I was going backwards in my recovery.

It was fascinating meeting and listening to all of the other speakers and ambassadors of WHIS.   Their dedication and passion about helping others, bringing awareness and creating actions was knowledgeable and inspiring.   There is so much that still needs to be done but in reflection, we have come a long a long way with  actions and insight into issues that are faced by people with disability in today’s world.

An Honour

Following the summit I was asked to be an Ambassador for the charity which is marvellous.  I will have the opportunity to help people, inspire others and motivate many more.




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