Are you living the life you really want?

We talk about “living the dream” – but is this possible?

My dream is that I’ll be a renowned global speaker and the other week that’s what I was working towards as I was living the dream speaking in Madrid, empowering people to get the life they want to live. Closer to home, I spoke at The Humber Social Impact Network, sharing my story and encouraging the audience to take action by empowering them to create a golden vision for their community, the local charities in the area.

Living the dream means living a fulfilled and idealised life, without regrets and in line with your definition of success and happiness. Your dream is based on your values and aspirations, continuously working towards making it a reality. It’s an evolving journey, so make sure you are resilient, adaptable and open to new opportunities.

Is it possible? That depends on you – see my top tips below.

  1. Be true to yourself and the life you want to live
  2. Benchmark where you are and where you want to be
  3. Define your dream and what success looks like to you
  4. Create your vision by making a “vision board” or drawing a picture (your golden vision)
  5. Set your goals and create a plan
  6. Work towards your vision every day…no matter how small
  7. Understand why you want it (your golden soul)
  8. Realise what you need to achieve your dream (your golden gear)
  9. Accept who you need to assist you on your journey (your golden gang)
  10. Decide when you want to achieve your dream (your golden hour)

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