6th April 2013

Swim sessions at the Loughborough training camp have been awesome with Steve Casson including and introduction to CSS (Critical Swim Speed) which will be good to monitor progress. Did a camera session with great analysis from Leigh which I will have a copy for further watching and analyzing. (Need to sort my cross over!) Both bikes serviced and running well need to sort out bike computer and new front wheel for windy conditions. Did a VO2 max session on the bike which went well and I will get the information from this which we can put into our training sessions for improvement. I have done a few jogs and confidence is coming back but I’m still taking it easy, physio will continue in this area and then move onto a prohab area maybe on a twice monthly agenda. Rotator cuff physio is also part of my sequence.
The training camp has been amazing with great practitioners, coaches and others all assisting and giving an enormous amount of passionate support and structure to us athletes. The focus of the week has been ‘team’ and with all the organization, support and structure from Jon Riall we can feel comfortable that we are moving in the right direction to be the best Paratriathlon team in the World.

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