School speaking and workshops

We start with an assembly with all the students and some parents joining us too. I share my journey from wheelchair to world champion and beyond. 

I then visit the classrooms, speaking with the students and helping them to see their future and empower them to draw a picture of what they truly want. (Their GOLD) This works with adults too as the teachers joined in as well as myself.

By the end of the day we have a  range of kids who know what they want and what they were going to achieve in their life. 

Doctors, surgeons, artists, actors, international footballers, gold medalling gymnasts, vets, world travellers and best selling authors.

These pictures and visions will stay with them maybe for the rest of their life or maybe for the next five years but either way it will give them something to focus on. Seeing their vision will help them to conceive it, believe it and achieve it. 

Showreel for the work Steve covers and Primary and Secondary school