My Golden Vision

Top ten tips to find your vision

  1. Think about what makes you happy.
  2. Who’s there with you in your vision?
  3. Imagine yourself there, completing the vision, not working towards it.
  4. Picture it in your mind.
  5. Visualise something that motivates you.
  6. Visualise something that you’re passionate about.
  7. Set your vision above your horizon.
  8. Visualise the weather in your achievement, is it blue sky and sunny?
  9. Add more detail to your vision.
  10. Draw it or write it down.

Do you want to be a high achiever?

There seems to be one major principle that separates high achievers from others and this realisation blew my mind. Consequently, and importantly, this is the first strategy out of the five and it’s all about knowing what you want and how you see that and focus on that. Every journey needs a destination, an end point, something to head for.

My vision – To stand and walk again

My Vision – To be champion of the world

My vision – To run my business as a professional speaker

My vision – To empower others to achieve the GOLD in their life

What’s your Golden vision? (This is an example)