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My incredible story has many roots and sources and one of those throughout is Scouting. When I was a child I loved choosing the scout badges I wanted and working hard towards them to receive the accolade of yet another badge on my arm. This process constantly helps me in my life as I continually set goals that I want, work towards them and receive the accolade of achieving them.

I now give back as I volunteer with my time to the local scout group as a leader and also as President of Derbyshire Scouts. Continuously striving to light the fire within young people in fun, challenge and adventure – life skills and opportunities.

Charitable donations are always hugely and warmly accepted and as you may have guessed it by now my chosen charity is ‘The Scout Association’. 

Your contribution will go towards these young people fulfilling the joy that they receive from these scout meetings and events that we hold for them and supporting the resources required to fund future events like camping, canoeing and rock climbing.

Please send you donation by bank transfer to:

Account Name: 6th Eckington Scout Group

Account number: 313 843 68

Sort Code: 30 98 97

Suitable Reference – eg: SJudgecharity*****

Thank you once again from me, the volunteers and of course the kids.

Here is a link to our Facebook page for my Cubs:

Here is a link to our group website:

My Scouting Journey