10 Top Tips for taking a summer break

  1. Make sure everybody you’re with understands and accepts the working holiday plan.
  2. Check that the wifi will be good if you need it.
  3. Automate responses – set up an out-of-office email response and voicemail message with alternative contact for urgent matters.
  4. Ergonomics – is there a desk available for you?
  5. Be strict on the plan – plan what part of the day you’re going to work in.
  6. Disconnect digitally – minimise screen time during your break and limit social media.
  7. Enjoy your break – take the time to relax, unwind, returning to your business with renewed energy and perspective.
  8. A good business book is always a great “plan B” if you’re struggling with equipment and connections.
  9. Set realistic expectations – communicate response times and availability during your break.
  10. Do what you love, whether it’s reading by the pool, hiking, sightseeing or spending quality time with loved ones.