10 Top Tips for being efficient in achieving your goals

  1. Establish daily routines which are consistent and aimed at moving you forward to achieve your goals eg meditation, exercise, journaling
  2. Prioritise tasks daily – make a to-do list or task management app, focusing on completing the most important tasks to progress towards your goals
  3. Incorporate small habits into your daily routine that align with your goals
  4. Use audio books for learning when you’re commuting, exercising or doing household chores
  5. Allocate specific times for different tasks/activities, including breaks
  6. Limit distractions eg turn off notifications on your pc and smartphone and set boundaries for making calls and meetings
  7. Stay flexible and adapt your plans as needed in order to keep moving forward towards your goals
  8. Delegate tasks outside of your expertise to free up your time to focus on tasks that align with your strategy
    9.Review and reflect your progress and celebrate your achievements
  9. Prioritise self-care including getting enough sleep, healthy eating and relaxation.