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Personal coaching delivered by Steve Judge  

From my coaching sessions I can give you the tools to help realise your dreams, turn them into them into goals and work towards achieving a happier healthier life.

My coaching sessions will enable you to realise your own potential and free yourself from limiting action,  transforming your life from where you are to where you want to be.

Get in touch and start your journey now.

Are you really happy, or just really comfortable?

Personal Life Coaching

Who would benefit?

Anybody can be coached; as an individual or maybe with your company, business or within a school.  Life coaching is not therapy, it will benefit anyone wanting to achieve a positive result in their life. 


When it’s most convenient for you. I can be very flexible with my time so feel free to get in contact and we can organise a suitable time.  If logistics and timing is a problem, I also provide recording coaching sessions via video link.  Now is the time to achieve your potential.


This is your opportunity to start your journey, to start thinking about what specifically you want and I will be here to help you find your goals and work towards achieving them. The real question here is…why not? 

Coaching enables you to realise your own potential and free yourself from limiting action.

How to get started

Just get in contact with me and we can start your first free 20 minutes consultation on a better life for yourself. 


  • Free 20 minutes first consultation
  • £100 per hour session on skype/zoom or phone
  • £150 per hour minimum for face to face meeting depending on logistics/travel plus travel.

All costs will have VAT added to them at 20%

Recommended suggestion of 1 session per week (6 sessions in total).  Alternative arrangements and package options can be discussed.

Sessions can be completed by phone or skype/zoom although a face to face session is also recommended where possible and convenient. 

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