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Reach Your Gold

Your vision, your goal…your Gold!

What is that big thing, the vision in your life that you want? What is that thing that when you think about it your heart beats faster? When you imagine achieving it you get excited, maybe even nervous. When you visualise the accomplishment of this big thing you may even find yourself smiling, and why…

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‘Take Action'…Coming Soon.

This may seem crazy as you just want to get on with your goal and do something. Now is the best time to look ahead and see what could go wrong. Start thinking about the hurdles, barricades and pitfalls that  may get in your way. What external factors may prevent you from working towards your…

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Reach Your Gold – Benchmark…NOW

Draw a Line in The Sand Sometimes bench marking can be simple to do and sometimes not so easy. If your goal is financial gain then you can simply write down your bank account total, now. If you want to loose weight then quickly weigh yourself, now. For my goal: “I want to help people…

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Bookshelf of Life

What is on your bookshelf that is preventing you from achieving your Gold?   Imagine that everything in your world has a book on the bookshelf of your life.  A book of family, a book of work, a book of friends, a book of exercise, a book of food… it goes on and on.  Do you…

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Default Diary

Default Diary Do you find that don’t get around to completing your high priorities? Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder why you haven’t achieved all that you wanted to? Here’s how I overcome these challenges to achieve completion of the jobs that need doing. First of all… Out of…

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What is your GOLD?

What is your dream… What is your vision… What is your goal… What is your GOLD? What is it in your life that you really want? What is the thing that will make you really happy when you’ve reached it? What is that thing that will give you immense achievement?     Once you are…

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