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Don't lean on your excuses

Turn Your Excuses Into Challenges

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International Motivational Speaker

Yorkshire PSA's Speaker of the Year 2017 and 2018

Two Times World Champion and Author

Steve’s uplifting, poignant and yet humorous performance helps people to realise their own goals and inspires them to work towards them within their business, personal and social life.

Following a near fatal car accident resulting in both legs being crushed Steve was told that he may never walk again. Through setting goals and working towards them he was able to achieve through his rehabilitation and then onwards to eventually become a World Champion in the sport of paratriathlon. Now as a professional speaker he takes the audiences on an inspiring and entertaining journey following his commitment and achievements.

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With the backdrop of Steve's inspirational journey of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, this long awaited book will teach you to overcome your limitations and supercharge your motivation towards achieving your goals.

Don't Lean on Your Excuses

What clients say about Steve...

NHS Central and North West London

Humbling and Uplifting...

More important than ‘just’ having an inspirational story, Steve is able to deliver his message in an engaging and accessible way. He uses his experiences generously to inspire others. It was a huge privilege to hear him speak recently, a humbling yet uplifting experience.

Jo Rance - Head of Healthcare

Offender Care, NHS

Be the best you can be...

Truly inspiring and motivational speaker. If you need help overcoming excuses to be the best you can be to achieve on your personal AND professional goals, then I highly recommend Steve’s keynote!

Claire Carlsberg

Managing Director, JPC Ltd

NHS Central and North West London

Inspiring and Motivating...

I personally took a lot away from the session and the focus on having “no regrets”. Steve is so engaging that I can’t imagine anyone not feeling inspired to go out and smash their own goals at the end of the talk.

Jane Rogers - Head of Communications and Marketing

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

From the blog...

Cliff Hewson, OhSo Creative

Team Judge

June 19, 2019

Recently I have signed up with an accountancy called ‘Freedom in Numbers’ Welcome Hannah Adams and Simon Adams to ‘Team Judge’ Also a website designer called ‘OhSo Creative’ Welcome Cliff Hewson to ‘Team Judge’

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Radio and podcasts

May 24, 2019

Check out these links to interviews with a number of podcasts.

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On Twitter...

Great to inspire the 6th form students at Mount St Mary’s college helping them to build up their resilience, overcome adversity and achieve their true life goals. @schoolspeakers @MountSpinkhill @TheMountSport @Mountboarding

@SteveJudge has a new book out called Don't Lean On Your Excuses we are going to his book launch this Saturday. Steve Judge is an International Motivational Speaker. Follow Steve to learn more about him and get his book.
#sheffieldissuper #Motivation #speakers


We’re at @SEVENBRO7HERS for @Brandsmiths’ #WellnessWednesdays event this evening - getting some inspiration from the incredible @SteveJudge and @martinRhall 👊

Enjoyable evening spent at '@Brandsmiths Presents: #Wellness Wednesday' event tonight with two different but impactful speakers in @martinRhall and @SteveJudge. I also won a #leadership book in the business card raffle so thank you to Martin! 👍
#Motivation #Performance


Join us for our first ever Open Day in our brand new campus on Tuesday 29 October. The amazing @SteveJudge will be joining us to give our guests a Resilience Masterclass, giving you a taste of our Target Talent Curriculum. Sign up here 👉

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Motivation, inspiration and more, straight to your inbox!